January 28, 2014
I am keeping this brief just to say I added a link Titled "Walking In The Free World 2".  It is the beginning for my walk all through and across Canada beginning April 01, 2014.  I will update soon, I must get ready for a meeting with the mayor to confirm plans for projects I will be undertaking here at Homeless Happens Helping Hands.

December 24, 2013
I have never, ever been this busy in my life!  There is soo much to say but, there is too much to do!  I am going to just add some videos here for the community Christmas meal being held tomorrow (Christmas day!) below  everyone is welcome rich, poor or, otherwise!  I could still use some donations for gifts for people all of ages mainly what I need now is scarves, gloves, and hats for teens, and adults of both sexes but also, any type of gift anyone can think of and use (gift cards for coffee shops, restaurants, or any gift at all) also prizes such as things you would put in stockings!  I am in my office all day and night tonight.  I am also doing a "Warm Light In The Night" again this Christmas eve. and Christmas night.  I light dozens of candles as a memorial/vigil/guiding light for the homeless, less fortunate, lost loved ones, remembrance, or any reason other than that as well.  Last year I believe I was given a minimum donation of $1.50 to light and stay with a candle until it burnt out for whatever intention the person had that wanted that lit. All of the money goes to the bills and future projects for the less fortunate. 

This year I am thousands of dollars in arrears as a result of numerous things such as having to spend money I could not afford to spend on my Ottawa Journey, budgeting for many necessities under the impression I was to begin receiving a pay of $500.00 monthly as well as housing beginning this past July.  Unfortunately the contract was not honoured on behalf of the employer and when I announced my walk was told the potential of "I could be screwing myself and my position as resident adviser"  Stating that I had not been paid yet as agreed and accepting the position has done "and have been screwed over since accepting the position and it has done nothing but, screw me, my life, and and my finances" I said "I am no more screwed if I do this than I already am".  I was told "anything can happen with this home you and I both know that.  The home could end up opening the day you leave but, it still looks like the first week of December, leave it with me I will advocate on your behalf and see what we can do".  I left it with her, talked again that evening and was told "nothing can be done she (her supervisor) said just leave it over the weekend, no point stressing over it now."  After the weekend I was essentially let go over the telephone when asking "So, you are terminating my position then?" her reply was "I don't want to call it terminating Jason, and we still look forward to working with you and your organization in the future but..."  I cut her off at that point said "So you are terminating my position is what it is am I right?".  "Well Jason, this is the opening of the home and we have to be consistent, I have seen homes start up and it is crazy in the beginning and..."  "I understand that so I am pretty much out of the position then is what you are telling me".  "It looks that way right now".  I hung up the phone, went to see a lawyer, then made a call to to my M.P.P., and the local reporter that has been of huge assistance to me.  The following day I was asked to write a letter saying that I am leaving the position and that I am going on my journey to Ottawa!  I said "I will write a letter detailing the entire conversation that brought this about and carbon copy it to my lawyer and Homeless Happens Helping Hands for record keeping and further use such as Ontario Disability Support Program, Counsel, my MP and MPP or other things I need it for, she said "OK just address it to 'Her' (her supervisor).  Not having the intent to write the fiction I was requested to write, I wrote the situation that took place and the position I had taken along with the position that was presented to me that they will take (have someone stand in for me until I return and switch out when I get back).  I presented the letter to my counsel and was "given the nod" to give it to my employer.  I brought it in and hours later I was called by the office of my MPP just after getting back to my office from meeting with my MP  (by the way for those that don't know I apologize I didn't consider all the areas that visit my website, I am incredibly stressed out for a number of reasons.  MPP is Member of Provincial Parliament, and MP is Member of Parliament 'Federal Government'). 

The phone call I received was to ask me to come in because "I may have news you are going to like Jason!" (Sounding "cheery") and was asked to come in to meet at 2:00pm that afternoon. I went in to receive the "news I was going to like".  I sat down and she said "Well we talked about it Jason but first I want to give you this" and handed me an envelope with a $10 gift card in it for a doughnut store franchise, and said "she" (her supervisor) had this in her office, we want you to have it for your trip to Ottawa.  I stared at it, looked at her and said "ok is that the news I am going to like?" she told me no "We talked about it and we are willing to work with you, you just have to sign this".  She handed me two pieces of paper and said, "There is one for you to keep and then sign the other one for us".  I asked what it was, she said just read it.  I read it and let out a quiet sarcastic laugh.  It essentially said that I can keep my position and agree that the previous contract is null and void because nothing really took place at the home, all I have to do is agree that I will sign a new contract when I get back.  To agree to this all I had to do was sign those papers!!! 

I asked if the contract I will sign when I get back will be the same as the contract that I am already on (the one they want me to sign saying is null and void and nothing is owed despite telling me m,y first pay would be July 10 leading me to commit the entire amount of it as I promised I would at the press conference the day of the "grand opening").  She said "no, it will have some variations and..."  I cut her off with a quiet sarcastic laugh and asked "So, you want me to sign this agreement that states I am going to agree the other contract is null and void, I am owed nothing, and that by doing this I am also agreeing to sign a contract that I have no idea what it looks like?"  She said "Well yeah, it will be almost the same but, with variations and..."  I cut her off again and asked "Do you know what my lawyer will say when I get to his office after this and I tell him I signed an agreement that say I can have the job I already signed a contract for if I sign a paper that null and voids the old one and I agree to sign an unwritten contract?"  "Well Jason, it is going to be almost the same..."  Leave it with me, I will take it to my counsel, and to M.P.P. Jeff....  and see what they say thanks for the gift card!".  I did not sign that agreement!  I came back from Ottawa not having heard a word from them for far too many days for my comfort so, I called my M.P.P. and asked if any results or progress had taken place since they told me not to worry about it and leave it with them as I go about my journey to Ottawa.  I lost all faith, trust, and confidence and needed them to see what could be done.  While I was on the phone with the M.P.P. office I was across the road from the home meeting with Pastor Beth that is loaning me the space for the Christmas meal.  I looked across and saw that there were people coming and going from the home and was told it had been open a while!

I asked the lady at the M.P.P.'s office if I was still in there am I to go in and get my stuff what is going on was there any progress made.  She said she would call me back.  She called me back saying well the lady I spoke with just sounded surprised so I am going to speak with the lady I was speaking with before.  We talked back and forth until yesterday when the phone rang at my office, it was her saying that she got a call from another woman that worked there asking if I can go remove my belongings either tonight or tomorrow night!

I still have no news on results so I am thinking Merry Christmas, yeah I will be by just as soon as I drop every thing I am overwhelmed with to make better for the people that oh never mind!  and come on Christmas eve in the middle of the after midnight hour and grab everything I own and walk away like the asshole they treated and still treat me like because they "need the room" saying nothing about anything that was promised to begin July 10th, and accept my $10 gift card, $12 000 debt directly related to that (plus 13% HST), and the condescending sentiment of looking forward to working with my organization in the future!  Did I say any of that in the phone call?  NO! 
I will scan and post the agreement they asked me to sigh as well as the letter recounting the events that took place that was requested (well they request a resignation letter that I was advised not to give in the same manner I was advised not to retrieve my belongings tonight, as soon as I have time to get them out, can and post them)

I wanted to one up the Christmas gift they gave me by doing this first!

Merry Christmas!!!!
Jason H. McComb

December 17, 2013
I am all over the map with things I NEED to do!  I am just going to put a few new videos below this update, stress has me in its clutches just now and I am not doing well with it!    
I just added a few more videos to the link Walking In The Free World Videos as well as one below this update for the Community Christmas meal...


I met with Pastor Beth to discuss the Community Christmas meal and everything looks great! The community meal is on Christmas day everyone from every walk of life is welcome to come out starting at 1:00pm there will be games, coffee, Christmas movies/music, snacks, ping pong, friends, family, food, love man!

Dinner will be served between 3:00pm and 5:00pm and we will all sit and just be together on Christmas until 6:00pm!

I left my meeting and went to City Hall where Mayor Heather Jackson was just putting together a note to bring over to my office to see me in relation to how she and City Hall can be of assistance. We spoke for about 15 minutes (long winded time so probably half hour or more) She has personally donated a large amount of desert items for the dinner and took info for a memo she will email to all city officials asking for donations and volunteers as well, she is going to bring it up at city council tonight (oh yeah, I will be out of my office and at city council this evening).

After leaving City Hall, I went into The Debbie Hamilton and Associates (The Co-operators, the insurance company for Homeless Happens Helping Hands) I was met by Julie who told me they will be over with a donation to help provide for the event!

So far, it looks as though we are in good shape for produce and a number of other things and have 3 turkeys so far and $100 in gift cards for a grocer courtesy of Hurtin Merv Band members. As the day draws closer I am feeling a little more stressed about meeting all of the needs any and all donations are needed greatly appreciated! If you would like a tax receipt for a monetary donation, checks can be made payable to Destination Church, in the memo area write Homeless Happens, or Helping Hands meal and a tax receipt will be provided. If it is a food item you choose to donate, I have a fridge and freezer in my office please though message me to be sure I am here! Unwrapped gifts of any sort for any and every age are also still needed (Socks and mittens/gloves are a big need) and can be dropped off at my office or arrange for pick up by messaging or emailing me.

We have allotted room for 110 guests and have more chairs set to the side if necessary. You are invited to come out to eat, spend time with others, enjoy a little time on Christmas in the company of others, just be part of an awesome moment on a special day!

I would greatly appreciate it if you plan on coming out if you would message me to give an idea of how many to expect please I think we have underestimated how many will show but, no matter because we will be successful in this!

Merry Christmas!

Jason H. McComb
Homeless Happens Helping Hands
December 12, 2013
I am back from my journey/awareness walk! :)

I am taking a couple days off and am currently out of town staying with a friend towards the Windsor area but will return home very late tonight.  On this site you will notice green text after certain mentions.  The green text is a link that opens a new tab bringing you to a link of whatever it was that was mentioned including
the following...

This Friday (December 13th)
, Hurtin Merv is performing at Sunny's in St Thomas and have dedicated the show and titled it, Homeless Happens celebration! :) this link will bring you to the Facebook event for it.  I would love to see any and everyone there, I will discuss a little about my next walk for awareness that will take me from Newfoundland to British Columbia just months from now!  I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed by the amazing talent of the five members that make up the band "Hurtin Merv".

I added two links over night one is videos made from my journey, "Walkin In The Free World".

The other is a plethora of pictures from "Walkin In The Free World" (still very unorganized and captions have not been added yet (I was only home for an hour before leaving town for a couple days and am supposed to be resting and not doing stuff "work related")  I will get it all together very soon, I am also writing chronicles from the journey detailing all of the awesomeness!  It was incredible overall!  The only thing I knew to expect was a helluva lot of walking!  By day four it had already exploded bigger than I thought it would by the end of it!  The entire journey was filled with smiles, frowns, tears, laughter, frustration, accomplishment, failure, joy, pain, love, resentments, and so much more!

One of the biggest things that will stand out always was the outpouring of support, encouragement, assistance,
love, among many other things.  I don't expect you or anyone to be foolish enough to believe that it was all "roses", I had many difficulties both directly related to the walk as well as a helluva lot of "turmoil" in my personal life!

So many financial areas were alleviated by a number of people, businesses, organizations, among others.  However, I did end up putting myself into some heavy arrears in order to cover necessary costs directly related to this journey as well as obvious personal expenses so, the supplier of my apparel for Homeless Happens has made me up a lot of shirts that should arrive at my friend and brother in life Merv's house by Friday in order that he be able to bring them to Sunny's Friday night to be available.  Some of them have already been set aside as a result of being pre-ordered
while I was still on my way to Ottawa.  I will need to sell a lot of them to catch up on my bills for Homeless Happens as well as to finalize plans and preparations for when I Keep On Walking In The Free World" (My walk from Newfoundland to British Columbia in just months from now).  The cost of the tee shirts are minimum donation of $25.00 (tax incl.).  For those wishing to have one shipped to them (so far there have been orders to the US, even New Zealand, and across Canada of course), the price is $25.00 (tax incl.) + shipping and handling.

My main focus for getting work done when I get home is the community Christmas meal!  It is less than two weeks until Christmas!  Food donations (all and any unopened food that would be served at a Christmas dinner) is urgently needed as well as, unwrapped gifts for people of all ages (Mainly the children of course! Friday night at Sunny's when Hurtin Merv puts on the Homeless Happens Celebration, guests are encouraged to bring food and gift donations if you are unable to bring them there, I will be available at my office at 556 Talbot Street in St. Thomas during regular business hours
.  A huge help would be gift cards for grocery stores as being a non profit organization working in a sort of partnership by way of facilitating the location and amenities requires to host this dinner, Destination Church a charitable organization, I feel it will be more attractive for the grocer to provide bulk prices on items required!  If you are looking to get a tax receipt for a donation, monetary donations can be made!  Make Check or money order payable to Destination Church, and in the memo area state that it is for the Helping Hands Community Christmas effort!

I need to stress that EVERYONE is welcome at the Christmas meal! 

This is an effort to lift everything from every area and just be people sharing a meal, sharing a holiday, sharing a moment man!  Homeless, unemployed, single parent, widow/widower, professional, disabled, social assistance recipient, unemployment recipient, employed, retired, lonely, hungry, nourished, fulfilled, accomplished etc.
  We are all human, we are all here, we all have needs, if only for a moment lock the degenerative areas of life stay outside and be captivated by life love and being apart of those!

Jason H. McComb

November 25, 2013
I just added a minor update as well as a video to the link "Keep On Walkin In The Free World" (Formerly titled Walking To Ottawa).
November 05, 2013
I just added another video to the link "Walking To Ottawa".

October 31, 2013
Below this update is a horrible attempt at making a video update.  After resting and getting some issues dealt with, I will make another attempt at it!

I am copying and pasting an update from the Facebook group and page for Homeless Happens Helping Hands here....

My extremely long appointment with my doctor went awesome today!!!
Aside from shaking his head at me briefly being told I am "A basket case according to the tests but, present extremely well otherwise and show no indication of being a basket case", one blood test at S.T.E.G.H. tomorrow (to be sure my Dilantin levels are sufficient on my walk) is the last thing between now and my walk in the area of my health and my walk to Ottawa!!!

My doctor had very little reservations to me doing this walk! In fact was very encouraging, "congratulatory", and reminiscent of praising when we discussed a few of the details involved, as well as the physical side of my work for the St. Thomas Downtown Development Board, he said "although the pain inventory and efficacy results show you are a basket case, you seem to be ok with your levels and treatment with the pain management approach we are taking. My colleagues would call me daft continuing at this level with these results but, you say you are fine so, I will take your word for it over the test results. If you are managing ok at this level and have the ability to continue this work, and do this walk I encourage you but, before you go we need to be sure your Dilantin levels are at par with what you need all we need to happen while you are out there is...

Let me get the requisition, good luck on your walk Mr. McComb you do wonderful things keep up the advocacy, you're stressed out, going bald, and look your age, see you in March" Handed me my prescription and blood work requisition and appointment slip for March, and I was off to get two iced coffees, meet someone to go grab a coffee at the drive through en route to St Thomas to have coffee at the coffee pub (that rocks btw, not that I haven't mentioned that numerous times in the past) a quick walk to get changed, a quick drive, and feel like (I am 17 as I bounced down the street to do some heavy typing, some planning, a few updates through the night, and a lot of considerations for the future (so my head is not abuzz all day and night when I am walking with some of what I need to know before I am walking rather than try to figure things that would be impossible to figure out and go nuts speculating
October 28, 2013
Today (like most days) has been a lil overwhelming!  I just added some (of many to come) details, and a video to the link "Walking To Ottawa".  There is still so much to add, so much to plan, and ARGH, MY HEAD HURTS :P.  In the update there I also gave some details about confirming this years community Christmas meal during lunch with Pastor ?Beth from Destination Church.  Please have a look!  All of your support, encouragement, prayers, and well wishes honestly fuel me to carry out life!

Jason H. McComb

Tentative Route
Thanks to the care and concern of numerous people prompted by an amazing woman Barb, expressing her concern and pointing out important facts, I will be walking to Ottawa in November, and Alberta will wait a little while!  This is not the exact route but, I have a lot of planning to do and this is an idea of it.  I could use all the assistance I can get in planning this to make it a success please!

October 25, 2013 (10:15PM)
Today, I posted created a new link on here titled "Walking To Ottawa".  The new link contains one video so far as well as some of the reasons for my walk, I will constantly update this link as time permits before, during and after my venture.  Please keep checking back and share the link to this site, I really appreciate all of the support so far and thank you in advance for the same in the future!

Jason H. McComb

I have begun work on a new link on here that I have not published just yet but will very soon.  It is to give as much detail about my upcoming walk from St Thomas Ontario to Ottawa Ontario.  I really would (as always) appreciate any and everyone sharing the link to this site.  Awareness is huge and I hope that the little action that, sharing this link involves is not too much to ask to help spread the awareness!

October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013 (1:30AM)
    Friday November 01, 2013 is only 8 days away *technically* That day (among many) marks yet another milestone in my life! (It is also All Saints Day for those that don't know ).

I hate that I have to ask for "help" in areas related to myself needing help but, it is essential that I do here! I am not asking for "help" in ways that I ask for others or, in ways that I don't ask for help typically (I will get to the help I need at the bottom of this my heart is pounding!!!).

I have been brainstorming an idea off and on for a few months (it is a huge choice/decision for me to make!).

Today during my interview at a local television station some of the questions asked and conversations (both on and off camera), stirred thoughts in me that won't go away! As I said, I have only 8 days left until November 01! That is a very short time to put all plans in place for my next venture!

I am usually very spontaneous as many know and there is less than half of a thought put into planning a lot of what I do before I go about doing it though!!!

My London "ventures" were only 27.8 kilometers from town edge to town edge (obviously there were a lot more kilometers involved in the entirety).

My next "venture" that I have been "tossing around", involves many, many, many more kilometers!

From St Thomas Ontario's town edge to Edmonton Alberta's town edge is 3,270.9 kilometers! This obviously does not include a hundred plus stops between, and is the most direct route!

I have a feeling 1250+ kilometers will be added to the trip by the time stops are calculated.

This is where my plea for help comes in! I need awareness raised for this!



I need your help raising awareness for this! I am going to contact a couple of reporters overnight tonight/early morning about this, and ask them to do the same! I never ever ask for food or water from people for me but, fact is in the middle of nowhere I am going to be without these many times so, spreading the word from here (central Canada), in between and to there (Western Canada) that I will not ask for these things but will graciously accept them! I will need people to drive by every now and then to make sure a bear isn't eating me! (If he is he better be homeless and need it! ) and other such things!

There are many reasons for this walk but, for the most part it is because it is getting cold out, Christmas is coming, we all need acknowledgement even if it is only for being human! That there are "less fortunate/down trodden" individuals in today's society and there is no need for the suffering, the hunger, the oppression, the displacement, the stereotypes, the stigmatic labels and treatment, to let anyone I can know in my many kilometer walk that we are human man and although that may not mean much to some as a result of the distortion, and degeneration in our world today it is huge and all we have when we look at what life is man!
OK so I was wrong with my calculations! I am going to walk over 6000 kilometers by the time I am done and it is 3,981 km, 808 hours direct/non stop walking

Nice of the map to tell me to be careful because there may not be side walks in some areas!

October 18, 2013 (8:55am) 

  Overnight last night I added a few things to the site!  I added content to the links "Earning...", "In The Press...", and "Never A sense Of Entitlement".  I still have a lot to add but, I have been up since yesterday morning (after only a short sleep to recover from nearly two and a half days awake), and I have a lot of work to do!  I am going to see if I can connect with the lady that will be working on the community Christmas meal with me in hopes of having things "etched in stone" at some point this morning.

I am hoping to start receiving donations of food items for the meal and anything else for the "event" as soon as possible!  I have a fridge and freezer here in my office, as does the lady that will be working with me on this.  This years meal will be a success!  There is no room for error similar to the things that took place last year that essentially forced me to remove my name from the project!  That was one of the first things I discussed with the lady I proposed the idea to!  I guess rather than calling her "the lady", I should say it is a lady that is very active in the community with so many outreach projects, and time devoted to the less fortunate and numerous charities.  Pastor Beth is the lady I am working with on this.

There an abundance of other things I am working on as well, such as...

Last night when searching through files, I found pictures of the day I was released from the hospital after just over three weeks (finally getting healthy again and gaining my weight back) only to get home and find that, it was no longer "home", I was HOMELESS!!!  I called the landlord asked what was going on and was told "Jay buddy you gotta understand, you have never been gone that long before so I panicked and didn't think I would be getting rent money for August so, I rented your place".  Livid, I explained he had no right doing that, it was only the 22nd of July, I still had my last month rent deposit paid, and more!  He repeated himself, I hung up, went to the disability benefit office from which I receive my monthly benefits and explained, they told me to call the police, recover what I can, and take it to the tribunal (Landlord Tenant Act).   Not having the patience for that, I decided to get whatever property of mine remained at the house (almost nothing people had picked through it all, thrown stuff out, sold stuff, put it in their living quarters, etc.), and embark on Homeless Happens!  I will post those pictures here soon, I have to get to work now though! 

There is a lot of other stuff coming but, I am strapped for time just now so, I will post updates asap!  (For the time being the pictures will be on the Facebook page and group.
October 11, 2013
    Yesterday was World Homeless Action day.  As I said I was going to do, I walked from St Thomas Ontario to London Ontario in order to raise awareness for homelessness.  This time around, I remembered my pain medication!  (My left tibia is broken and as a result of other accidents, I suffer a lot of pain throughout my body).
I made it almost all the way to London before experiencing any discomfort, my feet started to hurt once I got inside city limits but, it was worth it in ten fold!  I made a video that will be on the link Some Videos... in a moment!  I am also going to add a page for photos on here at some poing.  For now, I put a picture to the left of myself at the memorial unveiled yesterday to recognize the homeless individuals that passed away.  I will update more asap!

October 09, 2013 (9:45pm)
   There is only five hours and fifteen minutes remaining until I embark on my walk to London from St. Thomas!  I can not sleep!  I have so much in my head that I would like to put here, get done in my office, and so much more but, my head feels like there are a dozen Kung-fu fighters in there against their will and are making every effort to kick there way out!   I have been watching some you tube videos and some videos that I took while out with friends for the last little while in lieu of resting.  The videos I am watching honestly are giving me the peace that ideally rest would bring about.

I am considering converting these videos into mp3 format so I can listen to them on my walk on my phone but, I need all of the battery strength I can save so, I am able to post updates to the face book page for Homeless Happens Helping Hands ( https://www.facebook.com/HomelessHappens ) during my walk.
The videos I refer to are my new (almost only) friends performing at a few different pubs.  They are a band named Hurtin' Merv (I posted a video that I made with pictures of them on the video link on this site).  The reason for going into all of that detail is, I will be carrying them with me whether or not, I convert the videos!  I just received an invitation from them to a Thanksgiving show they are doing which brought to mind (not that it is ever too far from my mind) that I am most thankful for the gift of them!

Merv, Terry, Wendy, Ryan, Greg Thank you for you!!!  There is obviously a purpose in this walk, and all that I try to do for the less fortunate that surrounds the less fortunate/down trodden.  Tonight though, I dedicate my walk to you guys as well as a woman that won't get out of my soul despite being a 1477 air mile flight away from me! (Sandra).  Thank you to all six of you!  I have no idea where any of you are, will be while I walk, or what you will be doing (despite Sandra having made it clear to me an abundance of times in the past "Normal people sleep at this hour Jason, Jus' Sayin' ". 

Tonight (tomorrow morning whatever you guys call it at 3:00am), I dedicate the over 33 kilometers I will be walking to you!

Thank you again for you!

Jason H. McComb

October 09, 2013
With exactly nine hours (as I type this of course!) before I leave on my walk from St Thomas City Hall steps to London, my head is abuzz with a million and ten million things it seems!  I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it, even if I opt out of (TRYING TO) rest before I leave my office to set out on this "venture/trek"!  I had a meeting again today with yet, another reporter from another news paper, and it was very fulfilling!  He, and I spoke at great length about everything this time around, and I was able to see him "more clearly" as a result.  There were things that he did not know about me which cleared a lot of confusion up on both our sides as a result!  I told him the same thing I posted on the group, and page for Homeless Happens Helping Hands...  I will not get into detail about the story he is writing until after it has been published.  After he, and I finished our interview, we walked to city hall (St Thomas) where I explained the "ritual" I go through before embarking on my walk and showing him where I put my shoes on and lace up he took the pictures below this update!

   I have more to this update but, I need a smoke and ran out so, I will cross the road to get some, and complete the update in a few minutes!  (as I said my mind is abuzz!  My nerves are racked to!)

City Hall Ritual
The pictures were taken by; Jesse Cnockaert/The The Weekly News - St. Thomas — The Weekly News - St. Thomas

The pictures were taken by;
Jesse Cnockaert/The The Weekly News - St. Thomas — The Weekly News - St. Thomas

October 09, 2013
With exactly nine hours (as I type this of course!) before I leave on my walk from St Thomas City Hall steps to London, my head is abuzz with a million and ten million things it seems!  I have so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it, even if I opt out of (TRYING TO) rest before I leave my office to set out on this "venture/trek"!  I had a meeting again today with yet, another reporter from another news paper, and it was very fulfilling!  He, and I spoke at great length about everything this time around, and I was able to see him "more clearly" as a result.  There were things that he did not know about me which cleared a lot of confusion up on both our sides as a result!  I told him the same thing I posted on the group, and page for Homeless Happens Helping Hands...  I will not get into detail about the story he is writing until after it has been published.  After he, and I finished our interview, we walked to city hall (St Thomas) where I explained the "ritual" I go through before embarking on my walk and showing him where I put my shoes on and lace up he took the picture on the left!

The picture was taken by;
Jesse Cnockaert/The The Weekly News - St. Thomas — The Weekly News - St. Thomas
   I have more to this update but, I need a smoke and ran out so, I will cross the road to get some, and complete the update in a few minutes!  (as I said my mind is abuzz!  My nerves are racked to!)

October 06, 2013
     October 10th is World Homeless Action Day!!!!
Like last year, I will again be walking form St Thomas Ontario City Hall to London Ontario again!  Last year there were a number of factors that prompted this walk.  This year a number of them are still the same but, there are other reasons as well!  This is a link to an article from a St Thomas reporter that was published yesterday and it gives some insight into both last years "factors" as well as, this years...


The picture in the top left of this update is the route I take when I leave my office at 3:00am, cross the road to City Hall, tie my shoes (there is significance in that!), then depart on my walk.  I will be attending the unveiling of a Memorial in Campbell Park on Dundas St.  Dedicated to the Homeless in recognition of those that have passed away whilst homeless.  I am always out to raise awareness for the homeless, this is one more way I try to do that!

  Anyone is welcome to join (in fact I more so challenge any and everyone to make the trek with me)  I walk fast and hard the entire time I walk no matter how long or far any walk is that I am on.  Added to my goal(s) this year, I hope to raise donations of anything anyone can use, items for the Community Christmas meal this year, that is in the beginning stages with a few local people (the update below gives some insight).  and just about anything at all!  I posted another video this evening as well on the link "Some Videos..."  

At the moment there is a heavy thunderstorm taking place and the lights have flickered a number of times, prompting me to publish this update now in an effort to avoid losing power and losing everything that is open on the computer and not saved.

If you are at all interested, want to partake in or, have any questions about the upcoming walk, you can reach me via my contact form by clicking HERE

October 04, 2013
       After dealing with some very frustrating "issues" (including realizing I am a day behind the world! I thought yesterday was the 2nd :( ) and voice mail, I got to my office late in the evening last night and have been here since!  I am trying very hard to balance a number of important things.  I am doing my best to iron out details for very important projects,"campaigns", and numerous other things directly related to Homeless Happens Helping Hands, as well as trying to find five minutes to see what my "life" outside of Homeless Happens Helping Hands, looks like.  I found almost all of my videos that I have made and got most of them uploaded, I posted them and there is a link for them on here now.  It seemed to take forever, and I ran out of coffee and cigarettes very early and had to get a cab driver here into to be kind enough to go pick some up for me!  Now, Now!  I understand very well that, these are not "necessary items!"  But, I also hope you understand that much like water you may or, may not drink, these things provide a temporary relief from a  "longing" albeit, an unhealthy relief I do find a "moment of sanity" in them!  I am to meet with a number of reporters over the next couple of days in relation to my upcoming walks to London Ontario from St Thomas Ontario after working for the Downtown Development board today.  I have not quite organized the details for them just now but, once I have and worded them properly, I will also post those details on here.

They include...

-Raising awareness for not only the homeless but, the Less Fortunate/Down Trodden, and anyone that finds themselves in a "struggle"  

-Raise non perishables for the food bank

-My efforts to maintain my office and shop for Helping Hands (working jobs to pay the bills and taking any pick up work I can) fundraisers so I don't have to resort to asking for free money (I would sooner swallow my shoes), opening a new business from which the proceeds will go to the less fortunate and remain in the community.

-My plans for a community Christmas meal (the same way it was supposed to be last year before I had to remove both, my name as well as Homeless Happens Helping Hands name from the project as a result of a fellow I agreed to have work with me on it made it clear to people that, they were to "register" for it, had to be homeless, or could not afford it when they spoke with him about it!  (I still provided for it as best I could by, reaching out for food donations, gifts, and other necessary items however, I could not have anything to do with it when a man came to me asking why he was not allowed to go to it because he "loos like he can afford his own Christmas Dinner". 


The entire idea surrounding the meal is that, I want to bring people together, homeless, housed, financially stable/unstable, widowed, married!  Essentially the basis of this event is to bring people together, any and everyone on Christmas for a day of being together, enjoying the moment, having a meal at Christmas, receiving a gift (it may only be socks, hat, toque, or whatever I can provide this year with any of the assistance I am giving but, it is something from someone!). 

-There is more but, I have to prepare for meetings today, and get to work! 

Stay updated please and please share the link to this, the page and group on Facebook, and be good to someone!  It takes so much less effort and energy to smile, acknowledge, and/or give a look of understanding to someone that may not otherwise be understood, acknowledged or be in receipt of a smile than it does to look past/through them!  You have no idea the gift just a smile can make to someone that can't bring him or herself to smile for whatever reason that is!

September 30, 2013
     Throughout the night tonight, I have been editing and uploading videos to YouTube between trying to organize things on my computer, type some documents, and get propositions together for upcoming projects.  I made a link on here for the videos and titled it "Some Videos..."  I will be adding more as I make them!  Please keep in mind that I am currently working three jobs in order to afford all of the costs involved, paying debts directly related to Helping Hands, to cover upcoming costs, and numerous other charges incurred to continue my efforts, as well as operating Homeless Happens on my own with next to zero dollars of money coming in otherwise so, keeping up with things is very tough at the moment!  I though, am persistent and I will get everything caught up as soon as humanly possible!  Please stay updated, this is the time of year that is very important (not that there is an unimportant time of year when it comes to life!).  I am incredibly tired, and have to go to work for five hours in a few minutes so, this has to be all I type for this update. 

Thank you for staying updated!

September 13, 2013 (8:30pm)
     I have added a few things to the links "Never A Sense Of Entitlement" as well as "In The Press".  I was to train a new volunteer this evening as well as complete a number of things around my office however, for various reasons that is done early tonight so, I will be working a a tonne of things for this website, the page and group for Helping Hands on Facebook, 

Facebook Group...


Facebook Page...  

I will also be getting caught up on a number of other things that NEED be typed for the office, shop, new project(s), new website, and then get some work done for the Downtown Development Board.  I will post new things on here throughout the night, as well as be "cleaning up" the site.  The carpet should be getting installed in the morning tomorrow, and I am also looking into getting paint for the shop side!  So, essentially what I am saying is, it will be a busy night of work! :)

Please stay updated by checking back often there is plenty to come, plenty you can do simply by being aware and having a heart (it could be as simple as a look of compassion that makes someones day!).

September 13, 2013 (7:50am)
     I have been working on an abundance of things since last night at 10:00pm (it is now 7:50am).  I added a link on here, typed numerous reports in preparation for a "business venture" I am embarking on in an effort to start raising funds for the less fortunate in the community, stock the food bank as best I can on an ongoing basis!  type mission statements, privacy policies, volunteer confidentiality agreements, organize my office/shop, prepare for a very long day and night ahead (more work for this site and many other related things, and well just a whole lot in an effort to brace for the seasons that are ahead! I know!  It is "too early" for that!

I assure you that, it is NOT too early to prepare for it!  I will get into why in the days ahead as I work on many things for this site and make efforts to keep updating on an ongoing basis now that I have assistance with some of what I do (when I am not at work for the Downtown Development Board).  I mentioned that it is not to early to think about the seasons coming.  The reason for that is, I have some things in my storage area for the winter season but, not enough I don't believe.

  I want to have socks on hand no matter what the season is but, this time of year it is a bigger priority!  That said, I would like to touch on what else there is always a need for during the months ahead...  Hats and Mittens/Gloves...  Winter wear in general for all people of all ages and sizes!  I am going to publish this update now, I have to run an errand but, please have a look around the website, share the link,and don't forget to look up Homeless Happens Helping Hands on Facebook!  There is a page and a group, please share those as well!  I will update this more over the course of the weekend, and make efforts to stay on top of it often!
September 04, 2013

          With The summer making its exit having been full of exciting news, opportunities (both missed and embraced), I am looking ahead to the time of year  that for some may seem "distant" from now!  Giving careful consideration to just how "distant" the time of year to which I refer (seasons changing, weather "worsening", temperatures dropping, holidays arriving, etc.), I reflect for a moment on my childhood.  The reason for this reflection is because, I hear my late fathers voice echoing throughout my office!  I can hear him say "It is just around the corner son, it will be here before you know it", this was his response no matter how many days or weeks lay before whatever day/time of year I was talking about and no matter how far away it seemed to me at that moment.  This morning though (unlike years gone by), I look ahead for different reasons, and with a different type of anticipation! 

*It is not my wish or, intention to underscore your or anyone's intelligence,  nor am I being presumptuous in anyway when giving the following definition when it comes to whether or not the true definition of "anticipation" is understood.  Rather, I know all too well that, it is not a secret that, yet another one of today's  many undeniable 'unfortunate' realities is...

Over the years definitions have been lost, added to and all to often the English language has become almost as "degenerative" as the already overwhelming number of degenerating areas in the various societies in which we inhabit!  To anticipate something does not necessarily mean "wait", more-so it is to "brace for", be "ready to deal with", "feel the effect(s) of", etc...*

As a child I was typically excited about this time of year as I anticipated its arrival (and for the most part still am) but these days it is different, there is more added to it!  Yes, I still love the cold, wet, and "dark
er" days & accompanying weather however, just like any taste/distaste, satisfaction/dissatisfaction, we all differ in opinion for our own reasons.  There is a "hindrance" in the once completely optimistic anticipation in recent years.  The "said hindrance" lies in the reality that there are some that for various reasons do not view the approaching times as I do.  Some may not have even realized it at this point and have no reason for bracing for it in the   
July 05, 2013
    I have added one link containing most of the media coverage I have received since starting Homeless Happens Helping Hands last year.  (It is most of the newspaper articles I can no put television and radio coverage on here)  I will try to add as much content as I can in the coming weeks, I have volunteers now which will free up some time for me in the near future (despite taking on  two new jobs on top of Helping Hands to pay the bills).  Also, the web address is easier to type and remember...  www.homelesshappens.net, the old address still gets you here!

Jason H. McComb

June 05, 2013
Drudging through the government hand book for charities and non profit organizations handbook from just before 2:00am until just moments ago (6:05am), trying to make sense of all of the legalities, "ironies", government cash grabs (yes even from non for profit and charitable organizations :( ), and so many other dizzying things, I am exhausted!

This after a day of (in this corners opinion as well as, two of the three+ clients that were assisted and are being further guided at this end today as well as an on going basis until "harmony" is acquired between ideals and reality), successful efforts and very optimistic signs of huge potentials in the near future. That added to contact from and with (not one, or two or even, three or, four) five other local agencies/outreach organizations as well as two, volunteers, a grateful client extending their hands to assist with some help needed by me at the shop over the next couple days, and an awesome friend pledging to come through yet again (unsolicited I might add) to, provide items no longer needed at his home but needed by a local group (whom I have vowed to do whatever I can do to assist on an ongoing basis (with the help of others), Paralleled with a friendly smile from, and somewhat brief (yet very patient 'thank you for your smile, patience, and encouragement til now by the way Mrs. D. L. C. E. :) ) conversation with a lady whom I met in the early winter of this past year (still having no idea how she learned of me).

As well as numerous other GREAT things giving me and those I do and will assist in whatever way I can an abundance of optimism and bright outlook for things to come as I am just under a month and a week from the one year mark since, embarking on Homeless Happens! I however have rambled (almost as much as I did yesterday in a few conversations) here too much already, am incredibly exhausted, and only have a few hours before attending a couple of meetings in which I will continue advocating on behalf of (as well as encouraging while accompanying) a client early today!

I have not slept in what feels like forever and am far too tired to reread all of what I just typed to see how repetitive I may have just been so, I will simply say thank God for you and people like you that make my (seemingly once impossible) mission not only a possibility but, a reality in both my life as well as those in need of assistance in anyway!

All of this comes exactly five weeks before the one year mark since I started out on my mission and embarking on making "Homeless Happens" a reality, when I decided that I was going to raise awareness and do whatever I can to provide for, assist, and do everything within my means to make any and everything needed available to the homeless, down trodden, less fortunate, essentially anyone in need of or that is going without for whatever reason, while lifting the stigmas & stereotypes from those who do not in fact suit them, encourage those that are guilty of them to change and pursue ideals (even if only one), and remove the thumbs off of the heads of the oppressed thus giving opportunity to rise up even if only up above whatever their level of self esteem may be!

There are still five weeks to go before it has been one year since starting so, I will not become complacent in any way shape, form or area! That being said, God willing, there are still many years left to tuck underneath this belt and I know now more than ever my efforts will not materialize everything (I optimistically foresee) in a short amount of time in every area that, I am confident one day will come about so, complacency shall be the ownership of someone else until they realize "passing the buck" only leaves one stuck!

Happy Homeless Happens Helping Hands Hump Day! :P

Jason H. McComb

Homeless Happens Helping Hands

June 03, 2013
           I am in the midst of typing updates and adding more content!  I have been extremely busy at my shop as well as with work and various other things (all of which 'including work in order to keep up with the costs involved in running Homeless Happens Helping Hands' I very rarely receive monetary donations and never ask for them).  In the meantime you can keep up with all of my efforts via, the group and/or page for Homeless Happens Helping Hands on Facebook!  There is a Facebook button at the top of this page that will bring you to the group.  I will also type in the addresses for the page and group here (or simply search "Homeless Happens Helping Hands" in the search box on Facebook and both will come up!



April 02, 2013
Please, Please, Please forgive my seeming neglect!
    I am very sorry for what may seem to be neglecting updating my sires!  I am running my shop as best I can, maintaining the page, and group on Facebook (search Homeless Happens Helping Hands), I am serving with the Elgin/St. Thomas Homeless Awareness and Action Committee, as well as a tonne of other things.  I am going to add something that I typed just over an hour ago to the link, "Just a bit of what has gone on.  There is still so much more that I need add over time however I am trying very hard to get things together as best I can for so many things that I have goals in doing, things happening, well just a tonne of things including The closure of the mens homeless shelter her in town from mid April until mid October.  This upate is very brief and I will try hard to make more time to upload things already done as well as get other things done as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for your continued support and patience!!


December 26, 2012
   A full update will be coming very soon as I try to swim through the "pool of catch up", essentially the efforts made to aid three families in need was a success as was aiding a number of individuals!  This is just a quick thank you to all involved and better detailed update is coming soon!
December 21, 2012
    With the assistance of a few men that have already assisted me in so many ways since getting here, On Christmas Eve. I will be lighting candles in as "lit up wishes in the night", and a light to guide those that are lost out there in this "resource lacking", world in hopes it guides them either here, to be pointed in the right direction or provided with anything I and the hands that help mine that I can provide, as a warm light to allow them to stand in with me for a moment to see and feel the reality that it is ok, and that there is hope for all of us! I with the assistance of a few guys here in town that have been nothing short of amazing to me will be going out tomorrow to get a whack of candles to light. On this site  ( http://homelesshappens.weebly.com/panning-happens-on-the-net-now.html ) there is a link titled "Panning Happens On The Net..." This link  accepts credit cards I am asking for $0.75 or more entered that way or in the store up until Christmas eve. to have a candle lit in your name and your wish, prayer, etc... stated and posted on a new link on this website before the candles are lit. Working with my friend Jim McHarg, (that just informed me that he is a mule *Stubborn* he will be providing assistance with all of this in an effort to be sure that it works out thus, not allowing me to spend Christmas Eve. alone again this year. Jim and I will be vigilant lighting all of the candles and sitting visiting until they have burned out. Moments before lighting the candles, I will start a live video feed that will go until after the candles have all burnt out on the internet.

***Tonight, as an amazing extension of goodwill, a local hairdresser came into my store front downtown to provide free haircuts, styling, etc... to the "down trodden" of the community! Clients of the shelter (Inn Out of The Cold), females from all of the shelters and transition homes, the needy in general were invited to have this done. She brought in all of her licensed (required) equipment, a salon chair, a huge smile, snacks, awesome conversation, a huge heart, and so much more that I have been seeking in everyone. A number have had the opportunity to accept this generous gift, with one more to go (then me if there is time). This is what I was hoping to find in the community, not for me but those that need it. She contacted me and asked me if she could do it as a gift for Christmas! Before I get into a lot of detail about it (and post it to my site not here), I am going to take a deep breath look at where it is coming from and then talk about the "grinch" neighbour that made every effort to stop it from happening and spoil it, and make another attempt to have me removed from here as a result of being bad for business being here and the undesirable people that attend here (including myself) making people avoid coming near!

Thank you Sherry G. for this extension!

Merry Christmas
Jason H. McComb
Homeless Happens Helping Hands
December 18, 2012
As a result of my vague reference in relation to the individual that was collecting money and gifts on behalf of Homeless Happens Helping Hands there has been confusion and speculations made regarding what has taken place.  I assure you that everything that took place for the majority was done through internet transactions and not local individuals who have in fact been an important role in assisting Homeless Happens Helping Hands.  The majority of everything that took place that was brought to my attention took place via internet transactions for monetary donations as I understand and all stems from a person new to reaching out to people for donations and the main focus on that persons behalf was strictly money mostly from Americans via facebook and other internet "platform" type, resources  I apologize for any confusion!
+Jason H. McComb
Homeless Happens Helping Hands

      I just traced emails sent to me (As I do on a monthly basis) in regards to donations etc... I unfortunately found that one local ip has sent inquiries twice under two different names, one of which I have met with in person on more than one occasion. The "other person" that emailed me from the same ip stating that she is collecting donations on behalf of a need that has been made public, I have not met in person but, have made it very clear that she is NOT to accept anything in the name of Homeless Happens Helping Hands via messages. I bloody well hate that this has to be stated again but fact is, it does. Homeless Happens Helping Hands does NOT have anyone collecting on its behalf! Anything that is collected for any reason by Homeless Happens Helping Hands is typically done so in the store front (downtown) or, arranged by or confirmed by myself, and myself alone. Monetary donations have been accepted by this woman over the internet for sure, as well as other things as far as I know. Please keep in mind that Homeless Happens Helping Hands no representatives working on it's behalf but, there are people that work with me that I do confirm are picking something up that has been given to any cause via the needs here that I do confirm are either receiving it for me or with me. If I have not confirmed in person or via telephone from the store front vocally that someone is doing this or anything with or for Homeless Happens Helping Hands, please DO NOT contribute anything to anyone for Homeless Happens Helping Hands without confirmation from this end! Also keep in mind please that, there are a number of people selling things in a group that suddenly goes by St. Thomas Helping Hands (odd names and pictures hosting it all). This group of characters is in NO WAY affiliated with Homeless Happens Helping Hands. All of this is being looked into by the proper routes. Again, My plea to you in this post is to be mindful of those that may ask for things on behalf of Homeless Happens Helping Hands. If anything is contributed to these people without confirmation from here, there is no onus on this end for any of those activities!

+Jason H. McComb
December 07, 2012
          Yesterday I quickly put a new link together, it is as detailed as I could get while taking care of everything else I need tend to.  The link is, "URGENT CHRISTMAS NEED".  I think the title in itself speaks volumes but, not to the effect that the story contained in the link does!  The is a link pasted there to the newspaper story that was published on her behalf (The "URGENT NEED"), published by the newspaper that was in touch with me asking for my assistance with making Christmas a reality this year for a family consisting of a single mother and three children under the age of ten that, have already endured enough pain this year!
December 04, 2012

Novemeber 29, 2012
I apologize for negating this!  Unfortunately, I got all caught up in maintaining the group for it on facebook and lost my focus so to speak!  There is a lot in that group that perhaps should be here rather than or as well as on here.  I have to find a balance and have ideas how to do that and will incorporate it straight away!

For the moment I am going to simply "copy and paste" the most recent post from the group on Facebook to give a little insight into what is going on...

I'll be away from the store this evening Wednesday
November 28 from 5:00-7:30pm
As well as Tomorrow (Thursday November 29) form
1:00pm-(approx) 4:15pm, a member of the United way will be picking me up here to
meet with them as well, I will be meeting with a consultant for a homeless
comittee.  My feedback and input has been requested.  I am thrilled, this one of
the main reasons I am doing what I do!

If for any reason you are coming
by, please call to be sure I am here, keep in mind that using facebook is for
information, "updates", progress reporting, etc... and, there are times that I
am not available to respond on here.  I appreciate your support and patience
with me in all of my efforts!

November 21, 2012
I just added three videos to the link "Just a Bit Of What..."  There are a lot more updates coming!  I just recently retrieved my computer and am getting caught up on a lot of things.  For the time being, click the icon above to follow on facebook to catch up, I should have a lot more updated soon!  today is a very busy day for me and I am running on no sleep, as per usual.  I will get things caught up within the next few days, please bear with me in the meantime and understand if you can, I am at a lot of this as a solo effort despite an abundance of help in many areas!

November 13, 2012

With an abundance of things going on as of late, I have not been able to update here recently.  I did though, add a link for the fund raising about to take place, it is copied and pasted from the facebook group for Homeless Happens Helping hands for the time being it has just a brief overview.  I will be getting my computer either tomorrow or, Thursday and hopefully that allows me to get caught up on the tremendous amount of work piling up as well as keep up with everything coming at me.  I will also talk about future plans for the next walk to London, can food drive to benefit a number of agencies, new items for fund raising and updates on the  support "slam" in the last couple of weeks!


November 07, 2012

              Today was a great day for Homeless Happens Helping Hands!!!  A very generous couple from a little ways outside of the city of St. Thomas came by with a truck load of donations for the store front to provide to the homeless as well as those that find housing in need of things for the residence they have secured and agreed told me that they are able to assist me further in this with the same generous extensions!  I am now building an "inventory to provide exactly what I set out to do as a result of their help and offer of further assistance.  I have some clothing, winter wear, household items (dishes, small TV's, coffee pots, furnishings, other misc. items), blankets, towels, hygiene products, and other such items again with the assistance in acquiring the same from them as needed.  They also contributed to the Christmas food drive!

       Later in the day, a lady stopped back with her daughter to, provide... disposable coffee cups, whitener, sugar, snacks, grooming products, tooth paste, tooth brushes, hygiene products, disposable cutlery and bowls, napkins, and more in order that I am able to provide for those that stop in for whatever reason they find themselves here (lately throughout the very late hours of the night).

      My friend Todd stopped back today for a number of reasons as well!  Todd took a number of the "Pictures In A Dream" that I have made in the past (pictures I make using peoples pictures they bring in or email etc... to make creations using their ideas, my imagination to result in what I call "Pictures In A Dream".  In most cases I have the  picture(s) created and developed for pick up on the same day depending on work involved, to raise money to pay the (piling) bills here, and raise money for local homelessness, food drives, and more.  Todd took the pictures with him that he did, so he and his wife can make me a display stand for the examples already made to promote  them.  That was just one of the exciting reasons Todd was here!  Another reason was to ask about how I feel about, youth from his ministry coming to the store to begin preparing the store front for painting and cleaning up the entirety of the store in order that I make it more presentable and prepare for future furnishings needed here etc...  Todd also took a cell phone from his pocket in order to show me pictures of t-shirts, and hoodies similar to the ones I already wear (only better!) that, he asked a lady to put together for me with a quote for pricing so, I can begin selling the HOMELESS HAPPENS shirts and hoodies as well as the toques/beanies I sell to raise funds thus raising awareness via, the people generous enough to purchase these items as they wear them, inadvertently helping myself raise awareness!  Praise God for human spirit man! 

     Thank you Todd, the past and present donors, as well as those that called today inquiring how they can help!  I still need a lot of help in a lot of areas, the help you provide me with is essentially you helping those that need it by helping Homeless Happens Helping Hands, get your help to them!


November 06, 2012

       This is just a brief/quick update to state what I am working on offline for a "full update"  (I still have yet to come up with the OVERDUE funds to retrieve my computer containing all I need as well as, reliability).  I am using a small laptop type computer to do things lately that is, (incredibly) unreliable but, gets me through as many things as I am able to accomplish thanks so much to the (generousity of a local man that no longer had use for it) thus, making it imperative that I do most work offline in order that I may save often in anticipation of a crash.  This "behaviour" will cease upon reacquiring my computer as well as giving me the ability to do many more things.  Right then!  On with the update, yeah?

     I succeeded in my effort to walk from St. Thomas City Hall to London City Hall!  In fact, it was much more successful than I had thought it may be!!!  At the (approx) 24 mile point of my walk (for the countless time), I found myself in a lot of pain and fatigued to the point that had I stopped to rest for a moment I felt I likely would have slept immediately!  That is until I saw the flashes of a reporters camera, and the camera of the local television station!  Almost instantly, I was wide awake, full of energy, and seemed to have lost the pain in my legs and feet.  When I left St. Thomas, I decided that I would wait until I was at least three quarters of the way to my destination before taking the medication for the chronic pain in my left femur, left tibia, and left foot (all a result of an accident that nearly took my life in October of 1998).  I broke my femur, and tibia in half, and while in the intensive care unit of Hamilton General Hospital, the staff tending to my care some how forgot to lift my left foot off of the bed I was in, resulting in a huge pressure sore on the back of my foot that would not go away thus, sending me back to the hospital weekly to attend the plastics clinic (among a multitude of other clinics, physio, hospitals, doctors, and other appointments) for the doctors to decide when they were going to surgically remove the pressure sore.  

     Eventually (keep in mind I just suffered massive brain damage), after a multitude of visits during which the date for surgery kept getting tossed around, I became frustrated, took a scalpel and cut the pressure sore off/out of my foot myself.  It still hasn't healed properly and causes me pain on top of the pain from both of the broken leg injuries which I have had numerous surgeries on since causing me to lose nearly two and three quarter inches of length from my left leg, and a world of pain often.  When I finally thought I had enough and could make the rest of the walk before my medication would start making me sleepy I, reached into my pocket to retrieve it and....  It was not there!  I don't know how to describe the sounds I was making (thank God I was in the country for most of it!), as a result of the pain I was feeling while I walked.

       Anyway enough whining!  I arrived in London a lot earlier than I thought I would (I walk fast), and as mentioned saw the reporters and, adrenaline hit me!  I made my way to City Hall and was greeted by numerous members of the coalition, not long after the reporter from the news channel (CTV NEWS LONDON) made his presence known, I was given the floor, I gave as much as I could in relation to my concerns surrounding homelessness in general as per my views, observations, and experiences as of late, and most importantly the homeless "situation" in St. Thomas Ontario!  I was very well received, and assured that my words were not falling on deaf ears, as much of what can be done will be done, I was invited to address a homeless committee here in St. Thomas, assured a word will be put into the United Way here in town in relation to what I am doing, trying to do, and that I could use assistance, as well as a lot of encouragement!  At the end of the meeting when asked if there were any questions or concerns from anyone, I did have to ask a very important question, for which, I received the best answer I could ever hope for!!!  I asked "Is anyone going to St. Thomas that wants $2.30 and a homeless passenger?", a young man turned and told me he would take me, and did!

      Today I met with the mayor of St. Thomas, it went very well I was able to speak to most of the matters in my head and give insight into what I am doing, trying to do, and want to do.  She provided me with a list of resources in an effort to aid me in my effort to aid others looking for resources in the area, spoke to her position on the homeless situation, listened intently to my experiences, not just current but, numerous other "episodes" of homelessness.  I spoke to her briefly of my mental illness, my life in and out of jail, and why I made the decisions to keep making it a point to get arrested and thrown in jail, my alcoholism (I am currently sober a significant amount of time), the incredibly early age at which I was already an "active" alcoholic and for a moment or two of seemingly "intimate" conversation after we had discussed everything (making her late for her appointment), I expressed to her the "progression" that perhaps "had a hand", in my alcoholism, reasons for going to jail, and "conditioning" to the environments to which I as well as others find themselves "conditioned" to.  At the point it seemed emotion could show I broke free from the conversation and awaited Mr. Ian Macullum (The reporter from St. Thomas Times Journal that "brokered" the meeting), and came back across the street to find that the mayor had sent me a message via, Twitter giving me yet another resource to provide others in need of!

     A lot more was talked about, has gone on and will go on including, me doing all of this out of my basic needs monies alloted to me from my disability "pension" and that it is nearly to the point I may become fearful of "drowning" as a result of doing it without funding, I explained I do NOT want to become a charity.  The reason for this is, charities are allowed to keep a very large percentage of monies, donations, etc...  I do NOT want to do that!  I need to pay the bills here at the store yes!  (Rent, Hydro, Insurance, Phone Bill both local and toll free resource) but other than that I do not want to profit in anyway from this...  THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM DOING nor, is it what it is about!  Yes, there will come a point and time I will have enough stress lifted and help (I'm receiving offers of volunteer on top of the agreement with my friend Todd lately) with me to get back to my writing and comedy ( I was asked recently... "In all honesty, what did you give up for this you are on disability?".  I have given up a lot, no not much of it was concrete and working out but still a persistent pursuit filled with optimism.  One of the examples I gave him was this... www.starnow.ca/jaymccomb There is more I set aside but, none of that is what is important!  I want to state quickly what is important...  THERE IS A LOT OF NEED RIGHT NOW!  I plan to try to help fill the needs out there, as I stated to the mayor and London City Hall...  With the help of St. Thomas and other residents, I can do just that and that will be the current success in my life.  If that does not suit the ideals of others in regards to their views on what is ideal for me they and their ideals are far from idealistic to myself at this point!
                                                 Jason H. McComb 


November 05, 2012  2:00 am

With exactly an hour, before I depart for my walk to London City Hall from St. Thomas City Hall to speak about homelessness, my experiences, observations, and views of needs involving the homeless population (among other homeless related topics), I just came in from standing on Talbot street for about 15 minutes. It is quiet! like the first time I wound up homeless here and did very little aside from walking (and at times riding a bike before selling it for whatever reason I did) up and down Talbot street with nothing in mind aside from, remaining "mobile" until the sun came up to go to school sometimes, go to Pinafore Park and sleep in a gazebo, sleep in my friend Scott's car, go to court, or whatever I did. Tonight (like most nights) there is the odd car driving by (usually a cop), the odd person straggling by, and (within me), a huge desire to hear the three "piercing" bells ring out as they do twice every 24 hours. This time though, upon hearing the third bell from that "sequence", I will be walking further than the end of Talbot to, turn around and walk the full length in the other direction! Rather, I will be right at City Hall lacing my shoes and heading down Talbot street this time though, I will turn and make my way to the highway and walk north into, and through the city of London until I reach the "Guts" of the city, arriving at my destination... 300 Dufferin street, London City Hall where I was invited to address concerns, issues, needs, and the likes as per my experience and (keen) eye.

Please refrain from wishing me luck, there is no such thing as luck! Although, a nice thought, sentiment, or goose to chase, I am not one to partake in such fanatical ideals anymore! Prayers and well wishes are appreciated! Keep in mind that despite the fact that your current situation at this time may not warrant the need for people that do the things such as I do, it takes very little to become one that need humble themselves and need help as a result of the "unforeseen event" of homelessness transpiring in your, or someone you love's (we are to love one another no matter the cost!) life! Smile at everyone today not just those that appear to have an "ideal" situation in life, society, etc...
Jason H. McComb
Nhovember 04, 2012  (8:30 am)

                        I am getting a little more than anxious and excited!  In just under 19 hours, I will be crossing the road from where I am now on Talbot street in, St. Thomas, tying my shoes on City Hall steps, and beginning my walk to London City Hall located at, 300 Dufferin street in London to attend the Homeless Coalition meeting held there monthly.  I have all but been ignored by city hall here in St. Thomas, (despite being located directly across the street), with the exception of the previously mentioned "incident" in which the mayor called the police to have me removed from her office moments after realizing it was me she said hello to as a result of introducing myself to her receptionist!

               I am satisfied in a sense that the awareness of my presence is here after that incident and having blocked me from twitter (commenting and reading conversations) as a result of defending myself and pointing out the more than inaccurate claims/statements she made on there to a local reporter in relation to me, coupled with sending him a message on the "said" forum asking him when a good time would be to meet with me, essentially this has brought about a scheduled meeting the day after my desired meeting date (the day after City Council meets.  I though, am confident she will address council with the concerns I brought to her receptionists' attention as she (The Mayor), listened on in her office as she awaited the police to arrive and remove "the homeless guy" from her office.  She has been quoted (and said directly on twitter) that I was talking too much for her to get a word in, despite her making herself unavailable to me that is far from possible however it does tell me that even though that comment among nearly every other comment she made in relation to that incident is way off base, she has a slight inclination of the messages I want to convey and perhaps there is room to get that out when she meets "briefly" with me this coming Tuesday at 2:30 pm.  All of that aside, I again, will depart City Hall steps at 3:00 am under 19 hours from now and will proceed to speak to matters at London City Hall at the meeting in the morning hoping that all of this raises just a little awareness!

    On another note!   Homeless Happens Helping Hands is finally expanding as a result of recent meetings with my new friend Todd who, will be part of a joint effort with me (and others pending verification), in providing the homeless with essentials such as, clothing (pants, shirts, socks), winter wear (boots, mitts, hats, etc...), hygiene products, and whatever else we are able to provide.  This is all still in the works, and any help is greatly appreciated.  More information about all of this will be posted in the coming week.  The local number at the store for information is, 519-633-5885, and the toll free number for resource and outreach availability is active but at this time due to limited resources has not been made widely known just yet but, the two numbers are linked to the local line and assistance in finding available resources is available to the best of my ability at this time in that manner as well as by dropping in as many have throughout the night in recent weeks.

Thank you for all of your support and staying updated please share the link to this site often!


November 02, 2012

             In just over 48 hours, I will depart City Hall in, St. Thomas Ontario (I will be there simply to tie my shoes), to walk to London Ontario City hall (A picture is below this update of a map, the picture has been shrunk in order to fit it on here, to see the full extent of the walk search directions from 558 Talbot st. St. Thomas Ontario 'the store front used for Homeless Happens Helping Hands directly across from City hall to 300 Dufferin St. London, Ontario 'London City Hall' I am taking Wellington road route as opposed to Highbury), where I have been invited again by the London Homeless Coalition to speak to matters that I have observed/experienced etc.... since embarking on my "mission".  I have made numerous attempts at speaking to the mayor here and as listed below, my efforts were more than "fruitless".  The mayor here has agreed to meet with me on this coming Tuesday as a result of conversation with a member of the local media (I am unaware of the contents of the discussion).  This of course is the day after council meets, my intent on meeting with the mayor was to enlighten her on a number of things in hopes that she would bring these things up at council meeting.  Despite not meeting with me and calling the police to have me removed from her office last week, she has eluded to having heard the things I was saying to her receptionist and the police when they arrived thus, leaving me with optimism that she will in fact bring these things up at the meeting.  I will give update on all of this after it has all taken place.  

      In the meantime, I encourage you to have a look at some of the media coverage in St. Thomas surrounding my efforts via, the links below!

www.ianscityscope.wordpress.com (at this point I believe there are two articles on there just now, with one to come at some point tomorrow, Ian is a reporter for the St. Thomas Times Journal)

(One of two stories from above, under the heading... "Now Look What You've Done)


 https://www.facebook.com/twnstthomas?ref=stream (This is the facebook page for The Weekly News, in St. Thomas.  There are a few older posts there)

 issuu.com/weeklynews (This is a link to, The Weekly News 'weekly publication', the "October 25th" publication has a brief story on the front page.)

There are also various other sites and facebook pages that have done stories as well.

Thank you for all of your support, and staying updated!

Jason H. (does NOT stand for Homeless!) McComb

October 30, 2012
This morning I made a link titled "Some Of What Happened..." I believe reading what I have typed there will make it self explanatory!

I have added my twitter and Facebook links to the top of the pages, click on the corresponding icon to follow me in those areas, keep in mind I am less than a fan of Facebook just now, and try to utilize it as little as possible and am just getting to know twitter (Thanks to the mayor of St. Thomas for inspiring that forum 'indirectly of course')

October 22, 2012
  Last night I attempted to sleep on the steps of city hall in St. Thomas, shortly after the media arrived to take pictures so did the police to tell me to leave. After mild "combative talk", I succumbed and left. Just now I went in to see the mayor in hopes of simply giving her a flyer with my website address (this one), and ask when council meets tonight at 7:00 pm, (I was misinformed about when meetings take place) that it be acknowledged that just because there was a drama "type" mockery, displayed last week by two women essentially mocking the homeless in an incredibly insulting manner, as well as being quoted in the local paper as saying (paraphrased) 40 hours is not enough, and 400 days wouldn't be long enough but, we have homes to get to and jobs to work! KUDOS GIRLS! We would love to actually experience this and raise awareness for the homeless but yeahhhhh no! We have to get home then go to work! The United Way who is to receive funds raised ('scuse me! I thought this was to raise awareness not money in order to secure the year end contribution to the United Way goal!) said in order to fully see how it is for the homeless you have to get out and interact with them! (paraphrased) Then why when I made TWO attempts to simply thank them for what they were doing and ask exactly what it was they were doing did they ignore me??? I also wanted to talk about the shelter now being open but, that there are still needs in relation to homelessness and all that surrounds it. As well as address the flier they have posted in their office for the tour of homes in town that I have found covering my HomeLESS Awareness fliers all over town. Like the Rotary Club and The United Way I got nothing in response aside from..


Upon my arrival the mayor made her way to her office and almost instantly four police officers were behind me. It seems as though I got her attention yes! However, is that how St. Thomas is going to continue addressing the needs and acknowledging the homeless??? (by calling the police to have them taken out of the view of those with a position which could perhaps help curb the difficulties and issues surrounding homelessness? I should hope not! Welcome to St. Thomas Ontario folks, where we proudly spend oodles of money on a monument of a world famous elephant we killed here years ago and point it so his rear end is the first thing you see when coming into town as well as, dig the knife deeper by making a caboose the souvenir shop (it was a train that killed Jumbo!) but we will give no regard to the homeless population. There honestly is 25% more life here, it's just that, that demographic is hidden among whichever other minority city hall deems it acceptable to turn a blind eye to!

I posted a status on a social forum just after this took place and it went like this...

"That went over real well lol I walked into city hall, the mayor (I didnt know what she looked like) was hanging lights, I introduced myself to her receptionist immediately the mayor heads to her office two minutes later I have four cops standing behind me, one says we are here for you take your hand outta your shirt, I told him I'm not here for trouble stated my intent the mayor still wouldnt come out of her office I left a moment later the police left, they had cars all around the building ffs!


"i heard it on the scanner! what were you there for? i am getting bits and pieces of what you have going on but i still have my head in the clouds. whats going on buddy?"

"Very nice", I say! Those I have not seen in years hear that I am back in town via a police situation prompted by the mayors office.

After I asked my friend how it was spoken over the scanner this was the reply...

"i just heard that the "person" that was on the stairs overnight was back and they wanted "them" removed. There was more but i didn't catch it. Sorry. Well good luck to you and if i can help let me know!"

I asked straight away if they had the understanding that I had made the attempt at sleeping on the steps last night she told me she hadn't!!!

Way to go St Thomas City Hall treat the PEOPLE in your city with less courtesy and leave them with less dignity than those in the wars we have seen as of late treat each other!
+Jason H. McComb
October 21, 2012
Just a quick note to say that I have solved the issue with the "Contact Form".  I apologize again to those that attempted to make contact via, the contact form, and urge you as well as, everyone to contact me either through the for or by telephone (24/7).

Octbober 20, 2012
This is just a quick "frustrated" update in regards to my link on here "Contact Homeless Happens Here"  I apologize to those that have attempted making contact and/or may believe that whatever they sent through the form was in fact submitted as it is supposed to be when you carry out the actions you do on there.  Unfortunately, for some reason the site is not submitting it to my email, I have listed contact details there.  Please accept my apologies!

October 18, 2012
Today was a very busy day!  (That is NOT a complaint!  Rather it is, something I am very excited about!)  I met with a reporter again today who was simply AWESOME to me and informs me that the story will be in the next publication of The Weekly News - St. Thomas!  I was also in conversation with another lady from the same paper who, maintains the "internet side"  of the paper on Facebook, rather than get into a long "blog" about that I am going to paste the link to her post on there....
    Please have a look!  I so need the media exposure, it really helps put me out there (much the same as YOU sharing the address to this site ;-) ).  I have been in touch on a regular basis lately with, members from the shelter that will be opening here in town soon (Inn Out of the Cold), and plan to work closely with them on an abundance of efforts both on my own behalf as well as, with them.  Further to that, I am also doing my best to get as many donations here at my store front, 558 Talbot st.  St Thomas (directly across the street from City Hall) as possible for the Chritmas food Drive (mentioned lower down on this page in a previous update).  

     Also in the works, I am in the process of planning a fundraiser that will benefit the shelter as well as the food drive even further.  I plan on hosting an event "Comedy for Christmas Cans".  Essentially what it is, is an evening in November during which I am going to perform a stand up comedy show (I haven't done one since Saskatoon, Saskatchewan a while back).  There will be a small fee for the ticket as well as a non perishable food donation as cost for the ticket.  Details will be posted as soon as arrangements for date and location have been finalized.

    I meant to give huge thanks to Mr. Earl Taylor form Coldwell Banker at Success Realty, as well as, Mr. Antoinne Trad of Antoinnes Furnishings (Both in St Thomas), for there confidence, and assitance in acquiring the store front at 558 Talbot Street in St Thomas (Antoinne is my landlord here, his furniture store is right next door to me).  Also today, I received an email from a company here in town that offered me a HUGE DEAL/GREAT OFFER on pricing for T-Shirts that I want to sell in store as fund raisers for both my efforts as well as the shelter here ina town.  I am to look a few things over tonight (prices) and get back to him.  Funding for this is my current, temporary barrier (optimistically speaking).  What he has done is, offered me the price of the shirts at wholesale costs, make the digital design for free, as well as other discounts.  He messaged me saying that he saw this site and wants to help! 

     I see big things coming out of my effort here and am so happy that it is finally hitting the publics ears!!!  

     Thank you everyone for your help and support thus far!!!  Please don't think for an iota in time that because I have not acknowledged everyone that, that will not happen.  I have links that are not visible to anyone other than myself that contain acknowledgements however, at this time not all of those acknowledgements have been introduced to the keyboard by my fingers as of yet.  I do appreciate all of you!

    Unfortunately at the moment I am sitting by a phone awaiting a call from a young lady, letting me know that she is home and I am to return her laptop this evening.  I had to put my computer in the pawn shop last month in order to acquire funds for "dire" needs, and have to get the money to retrieve it in the near future (Again, optimistcally speaking).  I will do my best to utilize computers at places such as the library and such in the meantime to accomodate my needs and do my best to keep everything maintained to the best of my abaility.

Thank you for staying updated, please inform others (if not of this site and myself then, of the needs of the homeless even if the need you fill is a friendly hello and smile!)

October 17, 2012
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to get into London yesterday, I collapsed and got rest (slept the day and part of the evening away in the shed that a lady (that has been more than generous in providing many things necessary to me) agreed to allowing me the opportunity of getting rest in (she even put an old futon mattress on the floor with a sleeping bag and pillows).  I arrived here in the (empty) store to find a very disturbing letter from a woman that at one time portrayed the "supportive friend" (that entirety of the whole situation is still a "messy confusion" to me and must be sorted in my head before going into detail about it all), I will simply leave it at betrayal of sorts out of some type of spitefull rage, to the extent I am unaware at the moment.  I am posting a new link on here to a new site that I am incredibly proud of a man for compiling and proud to call a friend in efforts and life through heart and passion for our fellow man.  The link will take you to his site "Bill of  Rights" for the homeless, I love that there are so many in the effort in which I find myself currently, it makes good in my mind when it seems as though I may not be doing quite as well as I set out to do.  Please have a look at the website that you will be taken to when clicking on the link "Bill of Rights"

October 16, 2012 (5:56am)
Last night I had opportunity to meet and share ideas with one of the co-ordinators of the homeless shelter here in town and received my official application to volunteer nights at the shelter as well as share some concerns ideas and conversation overall in regards to what I am doing, have done, want to do, and WILL do.  At this point it looks as though a great relationship between myself and they is more than an optimistic ideal (that I am very excited about).  Despite the efforts made by the two young ladies portraying being homeless (living as though they were homeless as they called it, frankly as a homeless individual I am insulted in numerous ways in more than just the regard of what the misconceptions are  that, run "viral" in repects to what it is like to be homeless as well as numerous other areas that I have witnessed, projected by more than just the two young ladies that played hookie from bed, pardon me for sounding as though I have a resentment in certain lites!
      Further to that I go around town to as many areas as I can here in order to post the flyers that I have made over time and funded in one way or another eachtime I got them, I also visit these areas often to be sure they are still posted and in the event that I have had opportunity to have more printed post and hand more out.  After going into a store the night before last to say hello to a lady (who as been a rediculouly amazing help to me since just days after arriving in town)  and "catch up"  on things.  She told me about how to young guys were in staring at my flyer and reading it then paid me a compliment (via her), while we were talking one of the wholesale suppliers was in the store making a delivery, and my friend brought me to his attention and he and I talked.  While I was engaging in conversation with the sales rep.  the lady called out to me and asked where my flyer went.  I told her it was there the night before and she said, "Not now!"  When I went over to the "community posting boards"  I saw a flyer for a Christmas tour of home five different homes posted where my flyer was.  I thought "how bloody ironic, a flyer for touring homes during the Christmas season where the homeless guy put his flyer for homelessness.  Livid, I wanted to rip it up instead I looked under it and the flyer for touring home was covering the one I had there in relation to people that don't have a home!"  That and so much more!

I have started planning various things for the Christmas season that, is not upon us yet but it is getting to that time of year where serious concern for many of the homeless are affected that you may even be despite being housed, the mentally ill population among the homeless is astounding!  Having said that and already having mentioned that we are heading into the time of year at which the suicide rate climbs for the homeless!  Have a heart, yeah?  Don't ignore the homeless don't condemn the homeless, etc...  I by know means am saying give them your home or your money just be compassionate and remember it could happen to you, your parents your family, your friends, all of you at once!  I have to stop this update temporarily, my ride to London to meet one of the members of the London Homeless Coalition, will be here soon and I am without sleep and not entirely ready to leave.

I can't remember which of my sites I posted on in regards to pleas for needing and and all office supplies, furniture etc, as well as the same for my store.  I am at 558 Talbot St in St Thomas, but please call first
(519)-633 -5885 I am in and out all the time and will need to get some sleep one of these days!  I have voice mail please leave a detailed message no matter the purpose for your call.


October 13, 2012
I just came in from walking to the variety store at the far end of town to get a coffee with the money the ladies left on the counter here earlier (briefly outlined in the update below this one).  I got to talking to the gentleman that works there as I was making my coffee (and a mess on the floor and counter he was cleaning when I walked in) and during the conversation I set both of my flash drives on the counter as well as they key to my store/office.  I have gotten to know the man that works there a little bit over the course of the last two or so weeks, and was asking him for updates on things that he had been doing.
Somehow in the midst of making a mess, and my coffees I forgot that I had set these 'invaluable' things down, and ended up leaving without them (it wasn't until I got back here that I realized I no longer had them).  I searched all of my pockets numerous times (as a lot of us often do as if expecting what it is we are looking for to "morph" into our pocket), only to realize that, I was without them.  I ran all the way back to the store, when I reached the parking lot (I KID YOU NOT THIS IS A FACT!), a man that I have come to know in town as a result of, being recognized from the picture on my flyers said, "Hey you forgot some stuff by the coffee machines, they are in the store, behind the cash register".

I ran inside and the gentleman behind the counter raised them up and told me that I have to be careful with "things like that", and handed me both of my usb 'Flash drives'.  I told him (and mean it) over and over that I owe him, how thankful I am, and that the contents are irreplacable.  On the drives are the contents for all of my sites, three book manuscripts "in progress", all of my flyers, all of my pictures & videos, and a tonne of other things that are not backed up anywhere (until now!).   He told me I owe him nothing, and that he is glad that I have them back.

If I didn't have faith in people before this (it comes and goes) I certainly do now!!! 

Somebody bring me a personal computer with external hard drive and my computer while you are at it!  LOL I assure you, I jest!

Jason H. McComb
Earlier tonight/lastnight, I was infront of my store/office (taking a break from typing, I currently have over 47000 words typed and proof read for spelling and gramar for two upcoming project "releases") at which time, a face very well known around town for unfounded (incorrect) definitions, that have been applied to him (one of which being HOMELESS) approached me and made casual conversation about the quick drop in temerature 'these days'.

  After a few moments of conversation during which time he offered me a "much needed" cigarette.  We got to talking about how much time I spend at the McDonalds here in town drinking coffee and eating double cheese burgers while "playing on the computer".  I enlightened him on this website (as well as, my other sites), and told him about "Homeless Happens Helping Hands", and how it is still in the early stages and as a result of being without phone or internet service  before today, I relied on their free wireless internet available for
customers and "hat it didn't hurt it was good coffee, cheaper than most other places and you can get a free refill".  After my smoke was finished I invited him into my store for a moment so I could make him a 'deal'.  I told him if he wanted a couple cups of coffee, I would get him two if he would run down and get me a coffee and bring it back down the street to the store. 

Quite a long time had gone by and this fella was still not back with my coffee.  I knew that despite the fact that he is very slow getting around enough time had lapsed to afford him returning at this point.  While I was taking a look down the street to see if he was on his way a lady pulled up that I have had constant contact with as of late and came in to the store front to talk.  I told her what I was waiting for and she said that, that was why she was there anyway (to go get a coffee). We headed down the street and the fella I was waiting on was headed back in my direction but carrying a coffee from another "outlet".  I asked him what happened and he informed me that when he went up to order the three coffees a blond lady told him to get out. 

He explained to me that he asked a man for spare change a while back and she still kicks him out when he goes inside.  Furious, I asked him had he done any such thing this evening and he replied "no I just went up to order and when I started telling her what I want she said to get out and that I am not welcome here".  I asked him again if he had done anything lately 'more specifically tonight', that would prompt her to ask him to leave and upon him telling me that he hadn't, I invited him to the McDonalds as my guest to have a coffee.  I asked him to wait outside while I went inside to get the coffee and inquire why the whole "incident" 
took place. 

   I approached the manager ( she was the one that told him to leave) and asked why it all happened.  Her reply was, "in the summer he came in and asked customers for spare change".  (It is pretty cold tonight, more than indicative that summer has passed) I proceeded to ask her if it was still summer, uopon saying "no", I asked her "then why did you not allow him to make an order, I sent him in for coffee, 'on me' but, you wouldn't even let him order before telling him to get out".  Just previous to starting this conversation I asked a woman (standing at the counter), "Are you a customer here ma'am?"  She giggled and said "yeah", I pointed to the door and said "Ok then, get out!"  (that got the attention I felt was warranted for what was about to take place, I knew the woman).  The manager that was talking with me explained that she does not want "people like that", in there so she just wants him to "stay away".

  I enlightened her to the fact that just a couple days previous I was in there with him having a cheese burger and that he bothered no one.  She said to me, "well when I don't see him, I can't kick him out".  I asked why she would kick him out for something that happened back in the summer for which he has already suffered his reprecussions and admittedly "feels bad and stupid for doing it".  Her reply was, "I just don't want that happening in here".  "Granted, but that happened months ago and he has been in here numerous times.  I myself, have talked to him about that kind of behaviour and he agreed "it is wrong to do that in a business I guess"I told her.  She informed me she did not care and does not want him in there, "now is there anything I can do for you?"  She asked.  I said "Yes!  Answer this There are alot of people in this town with problems, yeah?"  She nodded in agreement.

  "Right then!  You allow some of them in here I am sure but I won't go on and on about that.  Rather, I want to tell you something.  I was charged with a very violent offence here in St. Thomas, back in 1997.  As a result of that charge I was banned from the entire city while I awaited the trial (at which I was found not guilty)  as a result of the courts, and the cops here having had enough of me.  I am here now, I am allowed here again.  That happened in my past, they were sick of my behaviour in the past and they let me come back why can't McDonalds do the same for a guy that asked for spare change months ago?"  "That has nothing to do with me" she said.  
At that point, I knew I was getting nowhere and really felt like I was trying to 'educate a goldfish' and gave up and said that I was going to another resteraunt when, she proceeded to ask if she could take my order."  I told her to fuck off and left only to return with my tail between my legs with my email address, phone number and website adress written on a paper and apologize and ask her to give the paper to upper management.  She replied (with a puffy smug smile) "I am upper management" and I walked away.  Anyway that is just one of so many examples of how people are treated and  a part ofwhy I do what I am doing.  Yes, the profanity was taking it too and I apologized and will try to keep myself in check from here on!

As I was typing the 'update' above, I looked over my shoulder and there were two women standing outside my store reading my flyers.  I went to the door, unlocked it, and opened it and simply said "here take a flyer it's freezing out there!"   They asked what I was doing, I started explaining and we got to talking for well over a half hour.  They offered their help in anyway they can and said that they would be back tomorrow with a mop and broom so I can get my store cleaned up (I truly am doing this 'raw' without anything) and left me money for coffee and a couple smokes!  There are still a few good people left in St. Thomas!!!   

Jason H. McComb

October 12, 2012
Today was a good day in some sense when looking at how things will start going for myself as well as all the efforts I have been making!  I have possession of the store front in which I will be selling various shirts, hoodies and hats realated to Homelessness, as well as an abundance of other shirts related to comedy I have written in the past, post cards, custom designed pictures that I make (some examples of the pictures I make can be found on my website... 
www.jasonmccombpicturestory.weebly.com 'integrated with other pictures of mine') using photos chosen by those that want this service, custom slide show video dvds synced with the song(s) chosen by the recipient of these dvds, affordable website design, and so much more  to come as funding makes these affordable!with proceeds from absolutely every dollar earned going to "Homeless Happens Helping Hands" (at this time it is not registered but really I have been doing the work for "Homeless Happens Helping Hands" since early July all of that too has been out of pocket and put me into a whirlwind of debt that I will try to climb out of in the near future with these efforts.  I had a telephone line installed for the store today as well as a toll free number for North America for the Homeless Happens Help and Resource line which will be available for people to call if they find themselves in situations in which they need guidance towards local resources (ie shelters, food banks, programs etc...). 

I also had an internet connection installed so I will be able to stay ontop of my site(s).  The incredibly unfortunate side to all of the previously mentioned is that I am actually lacking a physical telephone, as well I am using a borrowed computer at the moment (thank you so much to my amazing friend Ange!).  I have just over 35 000 words typed for the book I am having published as soon as I am able to complete it (soon) but I am without my computer as I had to pawn it last month in order to buy necessary items, food, flyers, (miniscule amounts of less than adequete) used furnishings for the store (thanks so much to my friend Eddy that saw me walking it down the main street in town as a result of being quoted a ridiculous price by a mover in town well known to me for years as well as some others here in St Thomas, Eddy helped me get most of the few things I have here before a lady and a man were walking to their teuck stopped us and asked where we were going and we pointed across the street and barely a block away he told us to load it on the truck and moments later he pulled in fron of the store with it).  I am in dire need of things for the store/office area for Homeless Happens Helping Hands.  Receiving help and support in St. Thomas has been all over the place there have been a few people that have been a tremendous help however with that there are those that find a homeless outreach project far less than desirable.

     That is of course until the other night two young ladies decided to do a "project" here in town and raise awareness for homelessness for the Elgin General Hospital and United Way, God bless them for that however the irony of snubbing a homeless man (ME) when he tries to thank and inquire about the entirety of what it is that is being done by two people raising awareness troubles me.  I vied for the attention of the United Way numerous times since arriving here a few months ago as well as the radio station that did the story on them to no avail.  This (may seem grumpy) makes me wonder, do I have to start a bigger charitable foundation than I am and make it a point to pay employees out of the money rasied much the way "bigger fund raising agencies" as opposed to using evry amount of money I have and receive from my disability benefits, can borrow, and raise by selling my own belongings, losing the 30+ pounds I have etc...  In order to even have someone make the comment that I am raising awareness in a more than effective manner?  Back to the regularly scheduled update...  I am hoping to find the means someway somehow over the weekend to, get a telephone so I am able to begin providing those that may find my help beneficial with the number and publishing it on the website as well as trying to find a way to raise funds so I can get my own computer back so I don't have to use borrowed computers any more I have so many needs for furnishing the store and "populating" it with merchandise to raise money for a huge Christmas project I have been planning not just for the homeless but for those with a less than adequette income, loneley or whatever their reason may be for partaking in everything I have in store for Christmas day.  A man at Talbot subs here in town was happy about my proposal and will work with me (yes I am being vague so as not to give details until after confirmation of "go ahead".  I have plenty of free room here to start collecting food for the St Thomas Weekly News "Yes We Can" Christmas food drive, if nothing else I can be sure that buy accepting as well as making my own donations starting this weekend.  My store is nearly directly across from St Thomas City Hall (558 Talbot st) and has a rather large display window area in which all donations will be placed and remain until they have been picked up by the organizers of this project.  As soon as I have acquired a "physical" phone I will have the phone numbers published, in order to avoid having calls be directed to a voicemail service that has not been set up, I will wait for the phone! 

Thank you for staying updated!   Remember, Homeless is not contageous but, CARING can be!  


October 07, 2012

In Canada it is Thanksgiving Weekend! I have heard numerous times over the years from numerous people that, they have nothing to be thankful for. As I did upon hearing this I still do today… I beg to differ! No matter who you are, where you are, what is going on today, what went on this week, what went on this month, what has gone on this year, what has go on and happened over the course of any amount of time the is an abundance to be thankful for! I have also been given many retorts when it comes to this "touchy" area. I have been told, "You haven’t gone through the things I have", "You don’t have the life I have, and seen the things I have". I have been offered those as well as, so many other attempts at refuting my more than accurate claim. Why it is that the focus remains only on the areas in which we/they find themselves/ourselves "troubled" giving no regard to the many "good" areas that we still undeniably (despite efforts put forth to do just that!), troubles my already troubled soul! At the moment all of that is neither here nor there rather, the important thing just now is that we all understand that we all do in fact have so much to give thanks for despite the fact that for so many it seems to be buried beneath the "rubble of trouble". Although the intent for posting today was not for doing so, I would like to take just a sentence or two in order that I may state what I am thankful for not just on Thanksgiving weekend but, continually. I am thankful for those that see there is still hope (I generalize just now in order that I don’t write a book as opposed to the aforementioned statement in regards to "taking just a sentence or two). I am thankful for those that show heart as rather than giving the impression I have found myself guilty of giving at times in my past… That they have no heart, for my health (at the moment it may not be as optimal as some may see as ideal however, I am maintain it to the best of my ability), for the agencies that make themselves available to the people they make their services available no matter what they are… Health, Religious, Outreach of all types, and so on. I am Thankful for the helping hands that have held mine along the course of my nearly 36 years and the hearts contained within those that extended theirs and/or held my hand. I am thankful for all of that and so much more, my hope is that if you can’t see many reasons to be thankful, you find it within you to take a simple glance and see that you/we all have reasons for it and that in whatever way you do it you express or give thanks in some way!

I have made it known that I would be moving into a storefront containing an office area in the near future a while back and that I would be having my first book published to raise funds for various things as a result of all of my efforts being paid out of my own "shallow" pocket as well as utilizing as many of the few resources available to me (small personal loans as well as a couple people helping me with necessities along the course of my path(s) traveled). As a result of confusion and many other undesirable "events" on behalf of the office supply store I dealt with previous to all of the "undesirable events", there has been an unacceptable delay in numerous essential "elements" that are required to do everything I had planned to have already carried out as well as, have in [progress at this point. Thus, forcing me to delay a number of the things I have planned as well as previously stated would be completed in the near future such as the opening of my store, office, completion of the first book (as previously mentioned). I always have been persistent and will remain that way which allows me to say that, I have got a few things moved into my store, office that will accommodate me in completing everything required to have the book published despite the fact that it will be published significantly later than I had hoped for, am working on a number of awesome future things with agencies both in London and St. Thomas, and just began forming relationships with other businesses in town in anticipation of some way somehow finding the means to acquire the essentials required to have everything running as per my ideals in as short of a time frame as possible (this of course meant closing my business account with the company that has impacted me and my "ventures" in this way but, there are a wealth of resources offering similar services already rendered and services planned for the future here, so I will not be held back any more than already anticipated!).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Keep in mind there are those that are still thankful for as little as a pleasant smile or any type of small good gesture so, do your best to extend that at the very least as often as you can!


September 25, 2012.


I am hoping that I will be taking possession of my office by weeks end this week, not because I wanted this part of my project to be brought to such an abrupt ending however my hand was forced in this area so to speak, that though will all be discussed as this website finally gets its fine tuning (please excuse the lack of puntuation in certain areas i.e.  quotations and such, I am using a public computer my time is limited and the keyboard is all ummmm hmmm different!  Anyway there are huge changes taking place as I mentioned in the update area of one of my other sites (jasonmccomb.weebly.com)  I am thrilled about a book being published shortly and available (hopefully mid October), I will be using this book as a fund raiser for various things I am embarking on.  The reason for the book is unfortunate however I am hoping it will give great insight into everything and will be a great opportunity to raise funds to maintain everything I will be working on (all of this will be outlined in the near future on here).  The book I will be having published will be a prequel type book for the final books on Homeless Happens as well as various other projects I am and will start working on soon.  I have taken on the aid of a lady for web hosting for considerations in all areas of these projects, terms and conditions have yet to be discussed leaving everything without finalization and tiltles so to speak that though is anticipated to come shortly after I have moved into my office have my computer back as well as the other two computers that will be stationery and not leave the office or be used for anything aside from office work and retail type work.  I apologize for the seeming lack of maintenance here but I assure you it will all make sense as I wrap up this area of what I am doing in the very near future (begrudgingly and somewhat incomplete as a result of a suggestive type threat on behalf of a government of Ontario office that will be made abundantly clear in my upcoming fundraising book).
Thank you for stopping in please share this link as often as you can and check back often for all the informative changes!

Jason H. McComb
                                         Upon my arrival the mayor made her way to her office and almost instantly four police officers were behind me.  It seems as though I got her attention yes!  However, is that how St. Thomas is going to continue addressing the needs and acknowledging the homeless??? (by calling the police to have them taken out of the view of those with a position which could perhaps help curb the difficulties and issues surrounding homelessness?  I should hope not!  Welcome to St. Thomas Ontario folks, where we proudly spend oodles of money on a monument of a world famous elephant we killed here years ago and point it so his rear end is the first thing you see when coming into town as well as, dig the knife deeper by making a caboose the souvenir shop (it was a train that killed Jumbo!) but we will give no regard to the homeless population.  There honestly is 25% more life here, it's just that, that demographic is hidden among whichever other minority city hall deems it acceptable to turn a blind eye to!

I posted a status on a social forum just after this took place and it went like this...

"That went over real well lol I walked into city hall, the mayor (I didnt know what she looked like) was hanging lights, I introduced myself to her receptionist immediately the mayor heads to her office two minutes later I have four cops standing behind me, one says we are here for you take your hand outta your shirt, I told him I'm not here for trouble stated my intent the mayor still wouldnt come out of her office I left a moment later the police left, they had cars all around the building ffs!


 "i heard it on the scanner! what were you there for? i am getting bits and pieces of what you have going on but i still have my head in the clouds. whats going on buddy?"

"Very nice", I say!  Those I have not seen in years hear that I am back in town via a police situation prompted by the mayors office.

After I asked my friend how it was spoken over the scanner this was the reply...

"i just heard that the "person" that was on the stairs overnight was back and they wanted "them" removed. There was more but i didn't catch it. Sorry. Well good luck to you and if i can help let me know!"
Jason H. McComb

September 13, 2012.
I had opportunity to meet with the Homeless Coalition this week at City Hall in London Ontario, (I had no idea this existed before being asked to attend by a member of the coalition (Henry Eastabrook from the London Intercommunity Health Clinic).  While I was there I was able to see that there is a "Backbone" hidden "behind the scenes" for the homeless from a large number of agencies (to be listed when I have more time available for use of a computer, that will be explained in this update as well).

  I was also invited back to attend another meeting to give "wanted/solicited" input on various things when it comes to being homeless as well as a number of other areas I will be touching on both here as well as other links on this site as time permits and as previously mentioned (availablity of computer usage).  I have so much documented from everythin I have gone through since embarking on this "project" in July of this year as well as each and everytime I have been Homeless in the past 18 years.  As a result of a recent "conflict", I do want to note that I am not trying to run to the aid of every homeless person and say that absolutely none of them are true to the various "descriptors" rather, I am trying to make it a point to show that not all are the same and not all fall into the certain Stigmas/Stereotypes/etc... that are placed on the homeless as well as even the ones that are not homeless yet appear to be as a result of "societies" standards and such.

  As I mentioned, unfortunately, I am without my computer for the time being until I raise the money to retrieve it from the pawn I had to pawn it at as, I had many necessities that I had to pay for as well as numerous other monetary needs such as tending to my quickly dropping weight, need for tending to personal hygiene, purchase of a lot of flyers that I have handed out, transportation, and many other things.  As a result of exhaustion, hunger and a few other factors including the dropping temperature at night I succumbed to going to a shelter starting this past Saturday and have considered how much longer I will embark on the "homeless side" of this project, I feel I have had plenty of experiences, observations, etc... in all the times I have been homeless including this "voluntary" situation to collaborate all I need in order to get my book written about it as well as, maintain a website, and carry on with another "outreach" type work in this area.  I meet with a lady tomorrow afternoon from an agency that helps in so many areas including homelessnesss that I have utilized for many years in the past to see what potentials are there for my help to them as well as there help to me.  I have also spoke with a lady from a youth justice program that asked if I minded speaking and perhaps looking into peer support type volunteering in the future for at risk youths and so much more.  All of this coupled with the everyday life I hope to maintain is quickly filling my plate so at this point I am considering getting it all together and moving forward in as many possible areas that I can without having an "avalanche" upon me.

  I have a lot of needs at this time and being without any supports and or funding it is difficult to meet these needs and/or acquire things necessary at this time thus leading me to try to find ways to acquire those things!